Tuesday, November 29, 2011


If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's that there are wonderful people, and there are horrible people.  Then, of course, there are those who fall somewhere in the middle.  My personal experience has been that there are far more wonderful people than horrible people...  So why do the horrible people seem to hold so much of the power?

I'm not talking political power, though there are certainly some extremely horrible people in politics.  In fact, all we ever seem to hear about politicians are the horrible things.  If there are wonderful people in that field (as I'm sure there are), they are virtually invisible.  We can't see them through all the muck and the grime.

No no, what I mean is that the horrible people seem to be the ones who GET to us.  The ones who hold power over our emotions, our experiences, and our lives.  They're the ones we think most about, the ones whose presence seems to be felt most often when they're not even around.  The horrible people are the ones who leave scars that we have to stare at for the rest of our lives.  They're the ones who send us to therapy, get us hooked on anxiety and/or sleeping pills, and drive us to our nightly glass of wine or that one-too-many-shots night out with the girls.  The horrible people are after power, and we hand it right over to them without even thinking.  We LET them darken our skies and lengthen our nights.  We let them in, and then we're too weak or maybe too polite to kick them out when they start to do damage.  Instead of kicking them to the curb, we cling to them, we dwell on their evildoing, and we let them wreak havoc on our lives.

Why don't we, instead, give that power over to the wonderful people in our lives?  The people who show us unconditional love, the people who are always supportive or encouraging, the people who volunteer and spend their time helping others instead of hurting them?  Those in-between people don't get the power because they don't want it or seek it...  But the do-gooders!  They're trying to take back the power in the world, trying to make a change for the better, trying to bring joy and love to anyone they touch, and yet, we just don't let them.

Dear readers, I challenge you all to start taking back the power from the horrible people and giving it to the wonderful people instead.  Don't let some jerk on the subway bring you down; instead, go talk to a friend about the good things in life and let them lift you up.  If you've been scarred as I have, seek out help so you can take back that power for yourself and give it to those YOU choose, not those who took it from you without your consent.

Let's all try to be a little more positive in our lives.  Let's try to stop and smell the roses, to gaze at a rainbow, or to make a wish upon a star a little more often.  Let's rid our lives of the horrible people--just cut them off cold without ever glancing back.  Let's put the power of the world into the hands of the people who want to make the world a better place.  It shouldn't be too hard, because I'm quite sure there are more wonderful people out there than horrible people, and the wonderful people just need a little extra support.

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