Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Gifts, Revisited

I wish I could read my daughter's mind.  Then, perhaps, I'd know what kinds of toys and gifts to give her for Christmas.  I might get an idea of what would interest her and what will be explored once and then forever forgotten.

This year, she is getting stacking cups, an inkless light marker set (so she can't destroy the carpets... although she's more likely to rip up the paper than actually color on it), and an Aquadoodle coloring mat.  I figured I'd focus on fine motor skills and work on developing her ability to hold and manipulate markers, crayons, etc.  She's also getting a wind-up toy duck, because she has an inexplicable love of ducks, and that was her first real word.  Oh, and the pop-up princess's castle tent, which won't be anything more than a pink place to sit for her, as she has not developed the skills for pretend play and has no idea what a princess is.

It won't be a very glamorous Christmas for her, and I feel guilty about that.  I mean, I come from a family where Christmas is a big deal and you spend more money than you have on ultra-special gifts for your family... But I just don't have a clue what she'd like, understand, or play with.  I spent about 1/10 on her presents what I spent on my husband's gifts...  And I feel a bit like I'm cheating her out of a special Christmas.

Then again, she doesn't know what Christmas is, doesn't understand or appreciate the concept or meaning of gifts, and it's all a crap shoot anyway, because I *can't* read her tiny little mind and get clued in.

I just hope that, when she's older, she'll be able to think of things she wants and express those desires.  I hope she'll be able to understand Christmas and what presents are all about.  I hope this magical, family-filled season won't be meaningless to her...

...But hope can be dangerous.  Some days, it's better to just focus on what she CAN do, what she DOES understand, and just not worry about what may or may not come in the future.  I think today may be one of those days...

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