Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Kid-Free Anniversary

The hubby and I got married on New Year's Eve.  This year will mark our fifth anniversary.  We got married in Austin (where my parents live), and we spent our first married night at the Hyatt Regency on Town (now Lady Bird) Lake, where we watched the fireworks over the lake from our beautiful hotel room.

This year, we're going to Austin for Christmas, and my mom suggested that we stay through our anniversary.  She volunteered to watch C for the night so that we could go stay at the same hotel where we spent our first married night, in a room with a river view, where we can relax and enjoy a kid-free anniversary and watch the fireworks over the lake.

This is why my mom is awesome.  Also because the hotel wasn't accepting reservations from non-preferred customers (they had booked all their regular people rooms), but she not only got us a reservation; she spent a week calling to try and get us the very same room where we stayed on our wedding night.  My mom is really and truly fantastic.

I'm looking forward to a night with my husband without the kiddo.  I'm thinking a fancy dinner at a restaurant where we could never take our often-noisy and ever-destructive offspring, and a quiet night with a bottle of champagne in the room to ring in the new year.

New Year's Day just also happens to be my wonderful husband's birthday, so we'll get to sleep in, maybe get room service for a birthday breakfast in bed, and start the day without any stress, knowing our daughter is in good hands while we take a short time-out from parenting.  I am very much looking forward to our kid-free anniversary, because who knows when (if ever) we'll have this sort of opportunity again?

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