Monday, March 5, 2012

Open "Letters"

Dear Insurance Company: I realize you paid for 120mg rx last week, but now I need 80mg. I can't use my old pills to take my new dose. Sorry, it's just not possible. So yeah, you really ARE gonna have to pay for this medication again. I can't help it that my brain requires a different dose and couldn't wait a month to tell me so. So sorry... Except I'm not, because we give you all our money so we can have the pleasure of you constantly denying us coverage and benefits. So screw you. Love, WK

Dear Pharmacy: I appreciate your concern over the cost of my prescription. Yes, $100 *IS* a lot of money for one month's worth of pills. No, I can't go without, so FILL THE PRESCRIPTION I DROPPED OFF INSTEAD OF JUST SETTING IT ASIDE AND TRYING TO TALK ME OUT OF IT. These are psychiatric drugs; you should know better than to play around with those. Love, WK

Dear World: Yes, I know C's wheelchair is really just too adorable for words. No, that's not the reason we went out and got a $3,500 piece of medical equipment. Surprisingly, our daughter looking "cute" isn't worth anywhere near that much money. She's just gonna have to rely on her natural good looks. So yeah, that wheelchair you smile at because it's just so petite and cute? It's NECESSARY. Meaning you have to accommodate it like a real wheelchair, because, oh yeah, it's a REAL WHEELCHAIR. Also, the handicapped placard? They didn't give her that for being cute, either, so quit looking at me like I'm cheating the system when I park my car in a handicapped spot so I can put my daughter in her wheelchair. Love, WK

Dear Me: Stop letting every little, tiny, unimportant little thing get to you. The world really isn't out to get you, and those dirty looks come from people who are too stupid to know what they're glaring at. Concentrate on your husband, your daughter, your amazing parents and brothers and sister-in-law, your academic aspirations, your health, and embracing life. Learn to let the little stuff go. Love, WK

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